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Our address is Boswell Book Company, 2559 N. Downer Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53211. This is our only location. Don't let a yellow pages tell you otherwise. The store is located on the same block as the Downer Theater, up the bluff from Lincoln Memorial Drive. We're north of Columbia St. Mary's Hospital and south of UWM. We're also pretty much on the southernmost tip of Lake Drive.

Our phone number is 414-332-1181. Sometimes you'll see other numbers appear on your phone when we call you, as we have multiple lines. This is our only number that has a classic exchange--EDgewood, if you are into these things.

Our email contact info is info@boswellbooks.com, if you'd like to place a special order or get basic info about an event or are wondering about our hours.

Speaking of hours, we're open 10 am to 9 pm from Monday through Saturday, and 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday. We're closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and there are about five holidays where we're open 10 am to 5 pm, plus we sometimes close early for events and meetings. You can assume that if we have a ticketed event in the store, we're closed to the public around 5:30.  

We've heard that after location and contact info, the reason why folks visit websites like ours is to find out about events. We keep our events on one upcoming event page, but some highlights are listed below, generally our ticketed events, but sometimes a few others are included.

And the third reason folks visit is to order books. Our site search engine is not as good as some of our well-financed online competitors, but it will do. One of the nice things we like to point out is that you can check inventory and even the subsection of the book, but be aware, the number does not take into account customer holds, receiving errors, and general misshelving. As we like to say, we just need one person to put a book back in the wrong place for it to be lost forever, or at least until we do our next section check.Our system allows you to put a book on hold without first registering an account. Try it!

Find Waldo in Milwaukee, All During the Month of July

During the month of July, you can Find Waldo in Milwaukee. Just pick up a passport from Boswell or one of our 27 participating retailers. Find Waldo in as many places as you can. The retailer will stamp or sign your passport.

After you're done, bring your passport to Boswell. Get 10 or more stamps and you can get a Waldo coupon and button. Get 20 or more and you'll be entered in our drawing for prizes. We'll have the celebration wrap party on Monday, August 1, 4 pm, with refreshments, activities, and the prize drawing.

This year's partner retailers are Art Smart's Dart Mart, Beans and Barley, Board Game Barrister, Brass Bell Music, Community Bark (Bay View), Downer Hardware, Fischberger's Variety, Fyxation Bicycle Company, Goody Gourmet, Holey Moley Doughnuts, Hot Pop, Indulgence Chocolatiers (Shorewood and Walker's Point), Little Monsters, Little Read Book, Nehring's Sendiks (Downer and Oakland), Niemann's Candies and Ice Cream Outpost Natural Foods (Bay View and Capitol Dr), Purple Door Ice Cream, Red Cap Luggage, Rushmor Records, Sydney b. (Shorewood), Soaps and Scents, Waxwing, Winkie's Toys and Variety, and yes, Boswell Book Company.

Tuesday, July 26, 7:00 pm, at Boswell

Failure! The shamed, shunned, shadowed word that our affluent culture has been rapidly erasing from use may be the very key necessary to making our success most likely. In his premiere release, New Berlin-based management consultant Darren Fisher teaches how we can gain confidence for positive risk-taking in our professional and personal lives by focusing on our wins. Furthermore, he shows the importance of owning our losses - an approach that allows us to realign our goals, attaining positive achievement, and begin crushing it in all we do! Discover your natural attitude application and the exercises that will have you performing as a Confident Enterpriser in The Confidence Quadrant.

About the Author: Darren Fisher is a successful entrepreneur, tech consultant, business coach, Air Force veteran, husband, and father of four.


A release party for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts 1 and 2, the new release from J.K. Rowling
Saturday, July 30, 10:00 pm, at Boswell:

Are you brave like Gryffindor or loyal like Hufflepuff? Or perhaps wise like Ravenclaw or cunning as a Slytherin? Come represent your house and show your pride at our Harry Potter and the Cursed Child midnight release party! There will be everything that a witch and wizard could wish for from Trivia to a costume contest-so polish your wands, grab your robes, and join us at Boswarts to experience the magic once again.

The special Save Dobby sock drive is coordinated by the Harry Potter Alliance, Rufus Kingsley chapter. Bring your new or clean socks to Boswell, and we’ll donate them to St. Ben’s Community Meal, one of Milwaukee’s oldest and largest programs serving the homeless.

At midnight, you'll be able to purchase your copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts 1 and 2. And yes, you can reserve your copy now.


Where's Waldo Wrap Party
Monday, August 1, 4:00 pm, at Boswell

We've had a great time searching for Waldo around the Milwaukee area. And now we're gathering together for some activities, refreshments, and a drawing for prizes provided by our Find Waldo Local partners, including Fischbergers and Brass Bell Music. All kids who find Waldo in 10 locations get a button and Boswell Waldo coupon. If you find Waldo in 20 locations, you are entered in the drawing. Some (but not all) prizes will require you attend to win. Please note there is no purchase necessary for these drawings.

A big thank you to all our fellow retailers who participated in the program: Art Smart's Dart Mart, Beans and Barley, Board Game Barrister (Bayshore), Brass Bell Music, Community Bark (Bay View), Downer True Value Hardware, Fischberger Variety (Riverwest), Fyxation Bicycle Company, Goody Gourmet, Holey Moley Doughnuts, Hot Pop, Indulgence Chocolatiers (Walkers Point and Shorewood), Little Monsters, Little Read Book , Neihring's Sendiks (Oakland and Downer), Niemann's Candies and Ice Cream, Outpost Natural Foods (Riverwest and Capitol Drive), Purple Door Ice Cream, Red Cap Luggage, Rushmor Records, Sydney b. (Shorewood), Soaps and Scents, The Waxwing, Winknie's,

Susan Damgard O'Brien, author of Butterfly Net
Tuesday, August 2, 7:00 pm, at Boswell

Since before Sigmund Freud, psychologists have been attempting to explain a particularly confounding human phenomenon—how a couple’s relationship, when completely controlled by one member, becomes a mutual love affair. Yet, a consideration normally neglected is—a change requires both participants to experience it. Susan Damgard O’Brien’s Butterfly Net, using psychological principles but in a riveting and totally invented way, attempts to do both.

The story begins with winter break on Katherine Claire Anderson’s northern Wisconsin college campus, where she meets Don Marco de Galindo, a handsome Peruvian. On the Superior campus two years earlier, Marco is prevented from kidnapping the lovely psychology student, but not today. Methodically, as Marco planned, she becomes his. Removed from everything familiar and sane, escape is impossible for Kate. Those who attempt to aid her are ruthlessly removed. Forced to marry the powerful drug lord, Kate is plunged into a lavish, Latin lifestyle on Marco’s multi-acre Miami estate. Their honeymoon in Peru excites and frightens Kate—she lacks nothing except her freedom. Kate copes by doing the unthinkable, falling in love with her captor. As treachery within the Galindo cocaine cartel unravels, Marco comes to recognize the true traitor. Without help, it may be too late to save his family and the woman he had learned to love.

About the Author: A Northern Wisconsin native, UWM graduate and long-time Milwaukeean, Susan Damgard O’Brien has taught college level psychology for the past 22 years. Her background along with frequent visits to Peru, have influenced Susan’s passion for writing. In addition to Butterfly Net, she has published several personal and psychological essays, and short stories.

Thursday, August 4, 6:30 pm, at the Greenfield Public Library, 5310 W Layton Ave

Carol Wall is a woman both resentful of her disease and constantly worried about her health before meeting Giles Owita, a doctor of philosophy of horticulture in his native Kenya who works a variety of jobs when he can't get a teaching position. Mr Owita becomes her gardener and her “friend of virtue,” Aristotle’s phrase for the highest order of friendship, in which the only design is devotion. Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer before she met Mr. Owita and is diagnosed again during their friendship. Over the months which turn into years, Mr. Owita’s calm resolve quenches Carol’s panic. He teaches her not to let illness define her, and she receives a new concept of freedom. Ironically, unknown to Carol until much later, Mr. Owita is battling his own frightening disease.

Initially, Carol wonders if she can work well with Mr. Owita, for she hates flowers, and he is determined not to follow her orders to dig up her azaleas. Instead, he nurtures them into a profusion of blooms. Carol’s aversion to flowers symbolizes her brokenness, but Mr. Owita persists in assisting not only with her yard but with her spirit. Without telling Carol, he plants an abundance of white flowering bulbs. When these daffodils, crocuses, snow drops, and tulips bloom in the spring, Carol is cured from her spiritual malaise and feels a childlike joy among the flowers. “Giles broke me,” she says in recognizing that not only every yard, but every life must have flowers.

About the Author: Carol F. Wall (1951 – 2014) taught high school English in both public and private schools in Tennessee and Virginia. Her articles and essays centering on family life were published in Southern Living Magazine and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Wall was active in the P.E.O. Sisterhood, a philanthropic educational organization that boasts 250,000 members worldwide and provides college scholarships for women. She is survived by her husband Dick Wall, three grown children, and four grandchildren.

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