Four Word Thinking Game

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FOUR WORD THINKING is a fast-paced word game for 2 to 6 players, with each round lasting only a few minutes. In this spelling frenzy, players pair hexagonal tiles to create and claim four-letter words--and victory!--as quickly as possible. The domino style of play means every new tile played changes the available letter combinations for everyone else, so think FA-ST! The first player to use all 12 of their tokens to claim four-letter words wins the round, and the first to win three rounds is the victor! BOX CONTENTS: 54 hexagonal paper-over-board tiles 72 plastic player tokens 13 punch-out victory tokens Shrink-wrapped HOW TO PLAY: Objective: Claim four-letter words in a frenzied race to victory! Players receive two hexagonal tiles, which have two-letter combinations on each side. One tile is set faceup in the middle of the table. At "Go!", all players then pair tiles from their hands with any already on the table, trying to complete valid four-letter words as quickly as possible. Players claim any valid words they complete by placing a token on top of the word, and then draw a new tile. If any word is the first word that player has claimed on a tile, they can claim it using two tokens instead of one. Play continues with players building off each other's tiles and claiming words until the first player to have played all 12 of their tokens says "Stop!" Play immediately stops, and players check to see if all 12 tokens were placed on valid words (no misspellings, etc.). If all words are valid, the player takes a victory token, and a new round is set up. The first player to collect three victory tokens wins!


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