Girl with a Camera: Margaret Bourke-White, Photographer: A Novel (Bargain Hardcover)-No Longer Available

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The daring and passionate life of photographer Margaret Bourke-White -- the first female war photojournalist in World War II and the first female photographer for Life magazine -- is captured in this historical novel.  

Growing up, Margaret Bourke-White intended to become a herpetologist, but while she was still in college, her interest in nature changed to a fascination with photography. As her skill with a camera grew, her focus widened from landscapes architecture to shots of factories, trains, and bridges. Her artist's eye sharpened to see patterns and harsh beauty where others saw only chaos and ugliness. Totally dedicated to her work, and driven by her ambition to succeed, she eventually became a well-known and sought after photographer, traveling all over the United States and Europe. A comprehensive author's note provides additional information to round out readers' understanding of this fascinating and inspiring historical figure.

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Meyer, Carolyn

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