Happy Hour Is for Amateurs: Work Sucks. Life Doesn't Have To. (Paperback)

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Welcome to the world of the Philadelphia Lawyer-a man of two identities. By day he is a mild-mannered attorney, one who has practiced in a wide variety of legal fields from criminal to corporate to personal injury, earning himself a stellar reputation in the Philadelphia legal community as a hardnosed and astute litigator. By night, his drunken and drug induced escapades are all that keep him going, as he moves from bar to party to bed in the hopes that somehow he can escape the boredom and mental inertia of his job.

Based on the anonymous blog called the Philadelphia Lawyer, HAPPY HOUR IS FOR AMATEURS is a juvenile, raucous, and entertaining memoir that follows the antics of one lawyer in Philadelphia from law school to law practice as he devotes 10 years of his life to one of our country′s most popular yet unsavory professions. Satirizing office culture like never before, his story offers a wry and hilarious look into the monotony of the nine to five workplace and the debauched release that goes on when the sun goes down. Whether it′s dabbling in S&M with buttoned-down career woman, chasing nitrous balloons with shots of Jim Beam, or overdosing on anti-nausea medication for cancer patients to stave off his hangover, HAPPY HOUR IS FOR AMATEURS is episodic escapism in its most enjoyable form, as one man does whatever he can to avoid the unfortunate realities of the law and excruciating tedium of office life.

About the Author

The Philadelphia Lawyer is the anonymous mind behind the popular blog The Philadelphia Lawyer. He lives outside Philadelphia with his wife.

Praise For…

“I was fired from my first legal job within a month, and this book explains why it was the best thing to ever happen to me.” — Tucker Max, author of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

“Takes sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll deep into the bowels of modern law. If justice is blind, then The Philadelphia Lawyer is the pop culture’s new canine guide for the visually impaired...intensely insightful.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Drinking, drugging and the ungallant pursuit of the female form...the author serves up some raucous fun and boozy amusement -- just like any happy hour.” — Cleveland Plain Dealer

“A rollicking, booze-fueled joyride through the dark underbelly of the American legal system.” — Frank Kelly Rich, author of The Modern Drunkard

“Raucous, hilarious, and disturbing in all the right ways. I got drunk just reading this book.” — A.J. Baime, Executive Editor, Playboy

“The Philadelphia Lawyer leaps off the printed page like a seersuckered superhero -- a literary lothario Hunter S. Thompson would have been proud to call ‘Counselor.’” — Mark Ebner, co-author of Hollywood Interrupted

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