Mad Flavor: Mad Flavor: 100+ Recipes To Spice Up Your Everyday Cooking (Hardcover)

Mad Flavor: Mad Flavor: 100+ Recipes To Spice Up Your Everyday Cooking By Chef Derek Robinson, Jr. Cover Image
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Cooking doesn't have to be complicated. All you need is a little flavor! New Orleans Native, Restaurateur & Curator of Chef Gone Mad seasoning blends, Chef Derek Robinson gives flavorful recipes to help spice up and bring life to your everyday meals.

About the Author

Chef Derek Robinson Jr. is no stranger to culinary arts, long before he earned his title, he grew up watching his mother, Karen Robinson-a professionally trained chef-cooking in their New Orleans East kitchen.

"My mom was a trained chef, so I grew up watching her put a spin on traditional New Orleans dishes, like her seafood etoufee, she seasoned it with her own blend of seasonings. My mom didn't use Season All or Tony's, her food was authentic and you could taste it."

Back then, it seemed like Derek was destined to follow in his mothers footsteps, but he had other plans in mind. After graduating high school, Derek attended Nunez Community College where he initially majored in general studies.

"I didn't decide I wanted to be a chef until after my first semester of college, I was going for general studies, but the same chef my mom graduated under spoke to me, which inspired me to major in the arts, I switched from general studies to culinary arts".

From that day on, Derek has made huge strides in the culinary industry, but he's not your ordinary up and coming chef. Early on, Derek decided that climbing the culinary career ladder just wasn't for him. Derek embarked on the entrepreneurial journey soon after graduating with his culinary arts degree, and hasn't looked back since.

Derek is the sole owner of Chef Gone Mad LLC, where he's carved out a niche for himself. Derek has branded himself as a private chef, catering to people who want a luxury dining experience in the privacy of their own homes.

"When I cook for people I try to wow them with every bite, I want my people to taste every single flavor in every single bite."

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