The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: The First Sixty Years, 1956-2016 (UWM), by John H. Schroeder

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The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee opened its doors to 6,195 students in September 1956. Established in the wake of World War II and the Korean War as millions of veterans pursued college degrees, UWM faced challenges and responsibilities unique to a city-based newcomer in Wisconsin's system of higher education.

Against a backdrop of intense scrutiny and politicians, the fledgling UWM seemed to fight above its weight class, providing opportunities for a distinctive set of students and steadily forging a reputation as  a Milwaukee instituttion.

In this expansive history, author John H. Schroeder chronicles UWM's bold mission as Wisconsin's sole public, urban university, accessible to MIlwuakee students underserved by more expensive private colleges and more distant universities such as the University of Wisconin in Madison, as well as students with ties to family or job responsibilities in the city. With fine detail and a clear-sighted approach, Schroeder charts the milestones of UWM's sixty-year journey.

About the author: John Schroeder is the author of five books on 19th century American history, including a biography of Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry, which won the Roosevelt Prize for American Naval History. A retired Professor of History at UWM, he now divides his time between Oostburg, Wisconsin and Rio Verde, Arizona.


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