Loving Lardo, by Wendy R. Olsen

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In Wendy R. Olsen’s debut, Loving Lardo, she retraces her first decade living with her family in Milan, Italy where she spontaneously decides to move after meeting a charmingly handsome Italian man. Loving Lardo is a personal story and a quick summer read that will resonate universally with men and women of all age groups. Written in a pithy, well-crafted style reminiscent of Hemingway—a prominent figure in this entertaining, moving memoir, the perfect book to read before visiting the 2015 EXPO World’s Fair in Milan, Italy.

About the Author: Author Wendy Rachel Olsen was born in Orléans, France. She has lived in seven different countries and speaks four languages. From 1987 to 1999, she lived in Milan and Como, Italy, the setting of her debut book, Loving Lardo. In addition to giving talks on Italy, Ms. Olsen is the founder and owner of S.A.L.A., the Slinger Academy of Language and Arts in Slinger, Wisconsin, where adults and children can learn Italian, Spanish, and French. An avid sailor—whether racing or cruising—she enjoys playing her trumpet and sharing her motto: "Let’s all help create a world with fewer borders."


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