Thanks for Sharing: How I Gave Up Buying and Embraced Swapping, Borrowing and Renting (Paperback)

Thanks for Sharing: How I Gave Up Buying and Embraced Swapping, Borrowing and Renting By Eleanor Tucker Cover Image
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In this fascinating book, Eleanor Tucker sets out a bold vision of how sustainable sharing can save us money, and lead to a happier future.

What is the Sharing Economy? How can it help us live more affordable, more sustainable, and ultimately more fulfilling lives?  What would happen if for one year a family pledged to share as much as they possibly can? Instead ofowning more and more stuff, what it’s like to stop owning things and borrow, lend, rent and swap instead?

These are big questions, but features writer Eleanor Tucker sets out to answer them in this thoroughly absorbing and entertaining guide to sustainable sharing, or as it is also known, 'collaborative consumption'.

In this engrossing study, Eleanor straps us into on her year-long experiment along with her somewhat reluctant family. Over the course of the year, with the aid of various sharing apps, they will pledge to buy as few new things as possible, instead relying on the power of sharing, lending, renting and borrowing to supply their needs.

Each chapter introduces a different type of sharing into her day to day life, from the little ‘things' (food, clothes) to the bigger ’things' (cars, furniture, the space around us), and shows how the growth of tech has revolutionized an age-old practice. 

The book contains best-for recommendations based around different types of sharing, to create an easily accessible shortcut into sharing.

Written with warm and relatable humour as well as a deeply-researched knowledge of the history of sharing, this unmissable guide could truly change the way you consume.


About the Author

Eleanor Tucker is a former advertising creative and features writer for The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, Marie Claire, and Psychologies, commentating on gender, society, sustainability, tech and lifestyle. She now writes, speaks, and advises startups all over the world on the sharing economy space. She is on the board of the CBI council Sharing Economy UK, and also co-founded and chairs the committee of the Sharing Economy Global Summit. Passionate about the potential of online platforms to democratize, empower communities and help us live more sustainably, Elle advises on gig and sharing economy models – working internationally to help start-ups and scale-ups to launch, grow and thrive. Originally from Oxford in England, Eleanor was educated at Edinburgh University in Scotland, where she now lives with her husband and two young children. THANKS FOR SHARING is her first book.

Praise For…

'If you want a glimpse at what life will look like by the end of the 2020s, you simply must read 'Thanks for Sharing'. Eleanor is a one-woman guinea pig who dives straight into sharing everything from food to fashion to furniture – and even dogs! She makes it all incredibly accessible due to her engaging writing style, and warts-and-all reportage. I finished the book feeling thoroughly inspired, and most importantly, hopeful for the future' Tessa Clarke, Co-founder CEO, Olio

‘Thanks for Sharing’ is a no-holds-barred, witty guide to sharing in the 21st century. Eleanor boldly explores a multitude of sharing economy initiatives that are cropping up right now. She shares food, pets, skills and clothes, and even borrowed a tent! As a working parent she establishes the benefits of stuff sharing both to her family and the environment. Even with some hilarious misunderstandings, mishaps and a storm brewing, I came away from reading this book wanting to try sharing more regularly. The clear perks such as reducing waste, meeting people and cutting out the fat cats (plus free pastries) greatly appeal. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us, Eleanor!
Rebecca Heaps, Founder, Tentshare
‘Thanks for Sharing’ is a very funny insight into a world of sharing that inspires action almost instantly. Told with honesty, tonnes of humour and just the right level of history, it's a must-read… and a reassuring peak into a more sustainable future. 
Emma McConalogue, Founder, Kesero

'What an uplifting and inspiring read, which has left me with an appetite to try doing more of these things myself. This book strikes just right with all of the best information, funny stories, but also a clear guide of how to journey on your way to sustainability.'
Laura Young (‘Less Waste Laura’) Climate activist, public speaker, zero waste advocate and environmental scientist

'Ever wanted to try out one of the many opportunities the sharing economy has to offer, but never got to it because, well, life? Good news: Elle has done it for us! And she wrote a wonderfully honest, practical, and humorous book about it. Elle is the perfect person for this experiment - she’s a ‘normal’ person like you and me: busy with work, ‘momming’, and being a wife, friend, sister, etc, not overly idealistic about the sharing concept, but rather driven by curiosity and an open mind. This resulted in a wonderful book full of helpful tips, do’s and don’ts and relatable accounts of how her mildly-skeptical family was or wasn’t enjoying the ride. Thanks for sharing, Elle!'
Lieke van Kerkhoven, Co-founder, FLOOW2

'Thanks for Sharing made me chuckle at Elle's attempts at the sharing economy, and before I knew it, I realised I wanted to have a go too…' Sarah Sheridan, Scottish activist and writer

"In Thanks for Sharing, Elle takes you on an adventure through the sharing economy. And it is an adventure! It’s full of laughs and surprises as she dives head first into everything sharing. You’ll learn the surprising ancient history of sharing and how technology (sometimes) makes an age-old tradition more accessible in a digital world."
 —Josh Nickell, Vice President (Equipment Segment) American Rental Association

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