Never Close Your Heart (Paperback)

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Unless it's under reconstruction...never close your heart.

Essence best-selling author Monica F. Anderson delivers a delightful, stand-alone sequel to her acclaimed novel "When a Sistah's Fed Up" in this humorous and heartfelt story about love, family, and the power of forgiveness...

Ambitious and beautiful, Faith Henry is a savvy woman. By all measures-her career, friendships, and financial accounts-she is certifiably successful. Right? Not so fast. She's hopelessly entangled in the ties that bind: Her millennial daughter, Sloane, has returned to the nest with an electronic ankle monitor, gender-fluid child, meek husband, and very bad attitude. Her son, Trey, is in a relationship with an older woman who has questionable motives. Friends are tsk tsking Faith's choice to replace her decades-long significant other with a series of online mismatches-and that longtime manfriend is wasting no time moving on.

Things are so bad, even her ex-husband is a friend. And she's tempted to grant him benefits.

How did this happen? Ten years ago, vowing to control her own destiny, she left her marriage and career in politics. She strategically crafted and executed a fail-proof plan to build a new life. Her life. On her terms. Those goals are almost within her grasp. As the talent behind the popular Never Close Your Heart podcast, Faith's insightful advice is increasingly going viral. She's attracting the potentially lucrative attention of a media conglomerate-complicated by the not-so-welcome overtures of a menacing superfan.

As her followers can attest, Faith's superlative advice about relationships is unequaled. Amid the swirl of drama, controversy, and danger that threatens her and her family, will she heed her own words?

Praise for Monica F. Anderson's Books:

WHEN A SISTAH'S FED UP (Fiction)" engaging debut novel with the perfect balance of well-developed characters, honest dialogue, and Dr. Moes' trademark brand of humor
"Victoria Christopher Murray, National Bestselling Author

The storyline was excellent and the plot was so wonderful that it left me wanting more..."Pamela Bolden, Literary Critic" intriguing tale, with well-developed characters and plenty of suspense."
Cheryl Smith, Editor-at-Large Dallas Weekly

SINPHONY (Fiction)
"Anderson does a wonderful job at developing characters especially detailing people we would hate...people we would love...even a few that would leave us wondering. Anderson continues to work her magic with words. Glad she has come back to romance."
Deltareviewer, Literary Critic

"A mix of you-go-girl optimism and no-nonsense straight talk...A counterpoint to the idea that success means excelling at everything...A practical guide for women on how to find happiness and boost self-worth."
Kirkus Reviews

"A master class in corporate ascension from a trusted mentor delivered with humor and candor. These are insights your manager won't tell you and your mother may not know."
A. Boyd, Writer and Editor

"I Stand Accused is cleverly written, crisp and witty. It transcends time while simultaneously introducing readers to a refreshing literary voice."
Bestselling Author Victor McGlothin"

The story is told in alternating sequences between present and past in such vivid language that long after the murder is solved and you have closed the book, the scenes will haunt you."
Bestselling Author Evelyn Palfrey

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ISBN: 9780978637842
ISBN-10: 0978637844
Publisher: Tymac Books
Publication Date: October 20th, 2020
Pages: 290
Language: English