Saul Stories (Hardcover)

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Fiction. Short Stories. A collection of stories including the Pushcart Prize winning "Teen Culture" from American Short Fiction.

"I didn't want to ever be outside of this moment. I knew at some point I would look at the picture I'd just taken and feel an overwhelming sense of loss. I thought as long as we could manage to stay inside this particular hotel room, to avoid our phones and every person with whom we'd ever come into contact, we would continue to feel whole. We were revolutionaries, goddamnit. These were our accumulation of beautiful moments. Before the world fractured us. I don't expect you to understand how I became Brad Pitt in that moment, how we all just flew along down the highway. Bandits. Ex-patriots. In love with this countryside, if not this country. Paper Moon. The Last Picture Show. All of this shot in black and white. Only the final scene in color."

"Simply one of the best writers alive in the world today."--Scott McClanahan.

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ISBN: 9780989695053
ISBN-10: 0989695050
Publisher: Short Flight/Long Drive Books
Publication Date: October 27th, 2017
Pages: 160
Language: English