Write English with Cirth: A Workbook for Dwarven Runes (Paperback)

Write English with Cirth: A Workbook for Dwarven Runes By Fiona Jallings Cover Image
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Want to write like a Dwarf, but not learn a language? Then this book is for you

Welcome to Angerthas Erebor, a version of the Elven runic script Cirth that J. R. R. Tolkien developed for writing English. This is the script he used on the title page of The Lord of the Rings, a Christmas greeting to his friend, and his reproduction of pages from the book of Mazarbul.

This book takes you beyond the brief description in the back of The Lord of the Rings, using texts that Tolkien wrote in Cirth to get a more complete picture of the runes as the Dwarves used them. Many of these texts weren't published until after his death. Today we're able to draw on more research and data than ever before

This isn't just a book telling you what each symbol stands for; it teaches you to form them correctly and to be able to read what you've written. Furthermore, you'll be learning Cirth not as though it is a code, but like a real-world writing system. You'll even learn how to format documents.

Whether you're putting a powerful Dwarvish spell on your battle axe or passing a nerdy note to your best friend, this book will show you the way

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