Teach Like a Champion 3.0: 63 Techniques That Put Students on the Path to College (Paperback)

Teach Like a Champion 3.0: 63 Techniques That Put Students on the Path to College By Doug Lemov Cover Image
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Teach Like a Champion 3.0 is the long-awaited update to Doug Lemov's highly regarded guide to the craft of teaching. This book teaches you how to create a positive and productive classroom that encourages student engagement, trust, respect, accountability, and excellence. In this edition, you'll find new and updated teaching techniques, the latest evidence from cognitive science and culturally responsive teaching practices, and an expanded companion video collection. Learn how to build students' background knowledge, move learning into long-term memory, and connect your teaching with the curriculum content for tangible improvement in learning outcomes.

The new version of the book includes:

  • An introductory chapter on mental models for teachers to use to guide their decision-making in the classroom.
  • A brand new chapter on Lesson Preparation.
  • 10 new techniques
  • Updated and revised versions of all the technique readers know and use
  • A brand new set of exemplar videos, including more than a dozen longer "keystone" videos which show how teachers combine and balance technique over a stretch of 8 to 10 minutes of teaching.
  • Extensive discussion of research in social and cognitive science to support and guide the use of techniques.
  • Additional online resources, and supports

Read this powerful update to discover the techniques that leading teachers are using to put students on the path to success.

About the Author

DOUG LEMOV has transformed classrooms around the world with his tangible teaching techniques. Using these techniques, Doug trains educators as part of his work at Uncommon Schools, the nonprofit school management organization he helped to found. He is also coauthor of the books Practice Perfect and Reading Reconsidered.

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Publication Date: September 15th, 2021
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