Iron Hope: Lessons Learned from Conquering the Impossible (Hardcover)

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The ultimate guide to mental toughness by James “Iron Cowboy” Lawrence—the greatest endurance athlete in human history.

Lawrence’s accomplishments are nearly impossible to comprehend. In 2015, he set a Guinness World Record record by completing 50 full-distance triathlons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days. Yes, THE Ironman, “the single most difficult day in sports”– a 2.4-mile swim, 112 miles on a bike, then a 26.2-mile run, all completed in under 17 hours. It is a race so intense that less than .01% of the population have completed one.

Afterwards, Lawrence subjected his body to exhaustive physical testing, to every genetic test known to science. The stunning discovery is that physically, James Lawrence is unspecial in every way. The secret to his bulletproof body is his bulletproof mentality.

How does a person develop the mental fortitude necessary to overcome incredible exhaustion, immeasurable suffering, and unfathomable pain in order to achieve impossible goals? With Iron Hope, that’s exactly what James “Iron Cowboy” Lawrence shows readers how to do. Lawrence explains how readers can forge an iron will by making and keeping small promises to themselves again and again, amassing experience and building momentum until giving up becomes impossible. Combine a big dream with small improvements repeated with great consistency and make your goals and dreams a reality.

About the Author

JAMES LAWRENCE aka “The Iron Cowboy” has broken four Guinness World Records for endurance racing. But this was all merely training for his most significant project: The Conquer One Hundred. From March 1, 2021, till June 9, 2021, James Lawrence raced a full-distance triathlon every single day. That’s 140.6 miles a day for 100 consecutive days, totaling 14,060 miles.

James is a professional speaker, and in 2022, he did 65 different events across the country. While often featured with stalwart speakers like Jay Shetty and Mel Robbins, James consistently gets higher scores.

Praise For…

"James has a gift. Not only is he a phenomenal athlete, but he brings communities together. I don't think there's another endurance athlete in the world that has done as much as James has when it comes to community. He has single handedly turned endurance sports which is known to be lonely... into a team sport by getting so many to participate with him." —Jesse Itzler, entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author of Living With a SEAL

“James Lawrence should be considered one of the greatest endurance athletes of all time. Iron Hope proves that with a little direction, we can all develop the mental toughness to accomplish anything we set our mind to. This is essential reading for anybody with goals—not just athletes.” —Cameron Hanes, New York Times bestselling author of Endure

“James Lawrence’s feats of voluntary endurance just might be the greatest in human history. Less appreciated is his incredible ability to galvanize community, empowering countless people across the world to glean inspiration from his Iron Cowboy alter ego and reach higher. Laden with incredible stories told with candor and vulnerability, Iron Hope, reveals all, including the mindset required to achieve the impossible with takeaways certain to improve the lives of all who brave the pages of this remarkable book.” —Rich Roll, author of Finding Ultra and host of The Rich Roll Podcast

“James Lawrence’s story is an example of excellence in service to others. He undertook his difficult endeavor not only to raise money for charity, but because he wants people to have better lives. His story will inspire you to overcome obstacles, show gratitude for the freedoms you’ve been given, and always do a little more.” —Gary Sinise, New York Times bestselling author and founder of the Gary Sinise Foundation

“James Lawrence and I are on the same page. My life’s motto is ‘Never give up. Never quit.’ And I want all people everywhere to overcome life’s challenges and defy the odds. Similarly, his story reinforces for us all that we are stronger than we think, we can survive difficult seasons, and we can undertake and achieve epic goals. You’ll be challenged and encouraged greatly by his book.” —Staff Sergeant Travis Mills (ret.), New York Times bestselling author of Tough As They Come and founder of the Travis Mills Foundation

“When society is pushing us longer and harder and even to the breaking point, James Lawrence has given us his secret playbook so we can conquer our mountains, one step at a time. A stunning story of American grit, this one is not to be missed.” —Adam Makos, New York Times bestselling author of Spearhead, A Higher Call, and Devotion

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