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Catch that Dog! is a wholehearted delight of a novel. Based on a true story, Masterpiece (the world's most valuable dog) is missing! To this day it is still an unsolved mystery, but author Will Taylor has imagined what might have been. Walking to her parents’ shop after school, 10-year-old Joanie Dayton finds a cat stuck under some crates in alley. Rescuing the poor animal, Joanie takes it home, cleans it up, and discovers she’s rescued a tiny dog! After some careful negotiation with her parents, Joanie is allowed to keep it and names him Lucky. Joanie shares all her hopes and dreams with Lucky. It’s Joanie who feels she’s the lucky, one until one day, when she sees an article in the paper - there’s a picture of a dog named Masterpiece who’s been dognapped. Masterpiece looks an awful lot like Lucky, and and Joanie has a big decision to make. Catch that Dog! Is full of warmth and humor, and the bond between Lucky & Joanie will melt your heart.

— Jen Steele


Based on the amazing true story of "the world's most valuable dog," a fun adventure about a famous big-city poodle named Masterpiece who finds a new life alongside a small-town girl named Joanie.

When Joanie first encounters Masterpiece, he's curled up in an alley and she mistakes him for (of all things!) a cat. Soon, though, she cleans him up and shows him home and discovers he is, in fact, a poodle.

What Joanie doesn't know is that Masterpiece isn't any ordinary poodle. No, Masterpiece is a world-famous poodle, who has been in movies and advertisements and has been seen hobnobbing with celebrities. So how did Masterpiece go from a palatial apartment in New York City to an alley in a small town in New Jersey? He was dognapped! And now not only does the dognapper want him back, but his former owner is offering a big reward.

Masterpiece knows he should want to go home to the luxury of his old life. But nobody's ever loved him the way Joanie loves him.

What's a dog to do?

About the Author

Will Taylor is a huge fan of wicked witches. His other books include the award-winning The Language of Seabirds. He lives in Seattle.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781338745955
ISBN-10: 1338745956
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Publication Date: June 28th, 2022
Pages: 240
Language: English