Think Differently About Learning: A Homeschool Where Children and Parents Thrive (Paperback)

Think Differently About Learning: A Homeschool Where Children and Parents Thrive By Angela Sizer, Maren Goerss (With) Cover Image
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Hosts of the Homeschool Unrefined Podcast show how any parent, child, or family can begin to thrive as they unlearn old ways, lean into their own strengths, and celebrate unconventional wins.

Children deserve more than the systems we’re currently using to educate them. Teachers, administrators, and parents work hard in an outdated system that doesn't meet kids' needs. Think Differently About Learning challenges this system and offers a new approach.

Written by Angela and Maren, who have taught in various schools and homeschooled seven kids, this guide for parents offers a fresh perspective. It's for homeschoolers, traditional schoolers, and everyone in between.
However you educate your children, this book will help you find balance and connection within your family. Alongside, practical advice on learning differences, mental health, technology, socialization, Think Differently About Learning encourages the celebration of differences, curiosity, and measuring success in terms of joy, interest, and critical thinking. It is a blueprint for a fulfilling life beyond traditional measures of success.

About the Author

Angela Sizer earned her Master's in Teaching from Hamline University and taught in public schools for seven years. For a decade, she homeschooled her own children and loved watching them explore their passions and get excited about learning. These experiences strengthened Angela's commitment to respecting how children learn and highlighted the role neurodivergence and mental health play in the process.
Maren Goerss has her Master’s in Education from Hamline University and taught elementary school for eight years. As part of a neurodivergent family, Maren sees learning differences as superpowers and leans into their strengths. After being a homeschool parent for years, Maren has become an ADHD parent and life coach.
Together, Angela and Maren created the podcast, Homeschool Unrefined, in 2016 to share their experience and knowledge as educators and homeschoolers while encouraging parents to notice how their children are always learning. Their podcast and book are a call to all parents to reconsider their expectations of their children and themselves. They advocate for doing less, leaning into strengths, and enjoying the process.

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