Python Programming Language (Other)

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Created for developers of all skill levels to find the essentials of common operations combined with the fastest reference guide for writing code. This handy 6 page laminated guide is a concise desktop reference to key concepts behind Python logic, syntax, and operation. Expertly written to concisely cover the planning of a program written in Python, assigning your first variables, importing other libraries, formatting output strings, and creating classes. Beginning students or seasoned programmers will find this tool a perfect go-to for reference to those core concepts. This unbeatable value makes it easy to add this reference to your programmer's toolbox.
6 page laminated guide includes:
  • Working with Python
    • Using Python Code
    • Importing Modules
    • Scope (Indentation)
    • Naming Conventions
    • Reserved Keywords
    • Comments
  • Writing Code Basics
    • Making Variables
    • Types
    • Console
    • Error Handling
    • Saving & Loading Files
  • Coding Structures
    • Math Operators (int, float & complex)
    • List Operations (list, tuple & dict)
    • Strings
    • Statements
    • Functions
    • Dictionaries
  • Using Structures
    • String Formatting
    • String Methods
    • Escape Sequences
    • Bool Characters
    • Writing Boolean Statements
    • Recursion & Iteration
    • Classes
  • Coding Concepts
    • Inheritance
    • Generators
    • Polymorphism
    • Lambda Expressions

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ISBN: 9781423241881
ISBN-10: 1423241886
Publisher: Quickstudy Reference Guides
Publication Date: May 1st, 2019
Pages: 6
Language: English