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Seriously good hangout vibes. Now an acclaimed critic, Hopper returns to her formative years as a writer, punk, and aspiring ne'erdowell roaming the neighborhoods of Chicago. She tells her stories in short bursts, each with a clever, reference-y title (personal favorite: 'Reminiscing: It's Not Just A Little River Band Song'), mini-essays that feel more like memories snatched out of time. Delightfully bored, aloof, and snarky but also self-aware, plugged-in, and forward-thinking all at the same time, Night Moves captures a time, people, and place in a city that feels like a ghost town Hopper (and gentrification) has left behind, but for a while, in these pages, it's so alive, full of shouting, laughing, screaming masses of strangers and friends that pound the cracked concrete and fill the saggy-ceiling'd rooms of falling apart buildings during sticky-hot days and blue-lips-frigid nights.

— Chris Lee

October 2018 Indie Next List

“Like reading the diary of your best friend from the best time of your life, Night Moves is a music-as-literature, literature-as-muci bildungsroman set in Chicago's indie music underground, but it's everywhere, the moment the gentrification and glass luxury condos began to take over everything original in this country, a fading glimpse at youth gone by in the slow burn into adulthood that we've all shared, all of us who've ever ridden a bike through our town late at night, watching the lights glowing, to a playlist of our own creation inside our own heads.”
— Will Evans, Deep Vellum Books, Dallas, TX


Written in taut, mesmerizing, often hilarious scenes, Night Moves captures the fierce friendships and small moments that form us all. Drawing on her personal journals from the aughts, Jessica Hopper chronicles her time as a DJ, living in decrepit punk houses, biking to bad loft parties with her friends, exploring Chicago deep into the night. And, along the way, she creates an homage to vibrant corners of the city that have been muted by sleek development. A book birthed in the amber glow of Chicago streetlamps, Night Moves is about a transformative moment of cultural history--and how a raw, rebellious writer found her voice.

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ISBN: 9781477317884
ISBN-10: 1477317880
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Publication Date: September 18th, 2018
Pages: 184
Language: English