The Truth about the O.J. Simpson Trial: By the Architect of the Defense (Hardcover)

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The Definitive Account of the O.J. Simpson Trial, by Legendary Defense Attorney F. Lee Bailey
It was called “The Trial of the Century.” Beloved football sensation, O.J. Simpson was famous for his prowess on the field, his good looks, and his charm. But all that changed the night his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were brutally slaughtered in her front yard late at night on June 12, 1994. The media circus that consumed the news cycle for the next eighteen months would forever change the world's opinion of O.J. Simpson, despite the fact that the jury, after nearly a year of sequestration, came to their decision in just a few hours: Not Guilty.

Although at least a dozen books have been written about the O.J. Simpson trial, from every possible perspective from provocative to sensationalistic, The Truth About the O.J. Simpson Trial is the most revealing because the writer was the Architect of the Defense. Bailey, shows definitively why the jury was correct in finding that the timeline of the evening made Simpson’s presence at the murder scene impossible, which eclipses the question “Did he do it?” and establishes that he simply could not have done it. This book reveals shocking evidence of police corruption, mishandling of blood samples and other materials that formed the basis of the prosecution's case. Bailey includes convincing evidence that was not presented at the trial—including interviews, forensic results, and revelations about the case that have since come to light.
Scathing, controversial, and, yes, entertaining, The Truth About the O.J. Simpson Trial will be read and studied by anyone interested in defending the innocent, the history of law enforcement in America, students of the Law, and all those who are still obsessed with “The Trial of the Century.”


About the Author

F. Lee Bailey is a former criminal defense attorney and noted author of more than 20 books. As a trial lawyer, Bailey’s career is highlighted by such sensational cases as Dr. Sam Sheppard, Dr. Carl Coppolino, the Boston Strangler, Patty Hearst and O.J. Simpson. Among his previous books is the national bestseller, The Defense Never Rests. Today, Bailey is a consultant based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Praise For…

"An insider’s view of a controversial trial with effects that still reverberate."-- Kirkus Reviews

"F. Lee Bailey's The Truth about the OJ Simpson Trial is a page-turner. There is only one F. Lee Bailey. And here in these pages he gets to have the last word about the legendary trial. And what a book it is!" – Lawrence Schiller, author of American Tragedy

“The lawyer of the century gives us a riveting behind the scenes look at the trial of the century.  It’s a must read for true crime enthusiasts and experienced trial lawyers alike.” — David Oscar Markus, criminal defense lawyer and host of the podcast For The Defense.

“F. Lee Bailey continues to dazzle readers with his brilliant legal and investigative analyses of the O.J. Simpson trial. Through his objective scientific scrutiny, extensive courtroom experience and careful reasoning,  readers gain fresh insight into the case of century.”—Dr. Henry Lee, one of the world's foremost forensic scientists and founder of the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science

“What an extraordinarily insightful ‘behind the scenes’ look into the O.J. Simpson trial.  F. Lee’s  book explores and engages the reader at every turn and provides details and facts of the story that have never been told despite years of press.  Bravo!” —Owen Pickus DO, Esq.

“A once-in-a-century trial through the eyes of a once-in-a-century trial lawyer.    Bailey’s account is candid,  personal,  riveting and  revealing. A new and often surprising narrative from a trial icon who helped shape this momentous event.”—Roger E. Zuckerman, trial lawyer and founding member of Zuckerman, Spaeder, a premier litigation law firm

"A great story about a great case told by a great trial lawyer … this is quintessential F. Lee Bailey at his best. He gives dynamic life to the oft-overlooked nuances and well planted seeds that he lets germinate through an entire trial. Some are thinking Lee is going to take is easy, but he is not slowing down al all, he keep gaining more momentum … This book needs to be required reading in every trial practice course." —Mark M. O'Mara, Esq., Attorney and CNN Legal Analyst

Praise for F. Lee Bailey

The Defense Never Rests

“A rich book… full of surprises, detail, logic and insight.” – Minneapolis Tribune

“Breezy, blunt and immensely readable… The fascination of books like this lies in the revelations of behind-the-scenes activity… splendidly done. Bailey doesn’t disappoint.” – Newsweek

“The impact of the mere narration is sensational. The wild and furiously funny description of the great Plymouth mail truck robbery of 1962 is alone worth 10 times the book’s price. Bailey’s recounting reads like a script by Damon Runyon.” – Chicago Sun-Times

“This book, a natural bestseller, needs no defense and you won’t rest until that proverbial last word.” –Kirkus Service

“Fascinating account of a celebrated career as a defense attorney. Each case is reconstructed with an explanation of defense moves. The result is a book as entertaining as it is informative.” – Illinois Herald

“If you want to have a ball, switch off Perry Mason and crack this book.” – Palm Beach Pictorial

“Never a dull moment.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Impressive and solidly engrossing! – Publishers’ Weekly

For the Defense

“Must reading for all those who follow criminal cases. A great book by a great trial lawyer!” – Vincent T. Bugliosi, co-author of Helter Skelter

“Exciting!” – Chicago Tribune Book World

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