Bitters in the Honey, by Marjorie Robertson

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For Lana Sutor, anchorless since the death of her father in Vietnam, her new life on her grandparents’ farm is idyllic. While her mother and grandmother strive to maintain a sense of normalcy in their fractured lives, Lana and her brother and sister are left to cope with grief, invent their own adventures, and pursue a fascination with the local outcasts at the Gorge. In search of a replacement for her father, Lana turns first to her grandfather, whose fretting over money leads him to drink. When a young farmhand, Jack Allsman, shows up looking for work one evening, she looks to him for guidance. Allsman attracts attention in the small town with his unfamiliar face and boots as scarred and dark as hooves, but earns the trust of Lana’s family, leading to a surprising turn of events. The voices of Allsman and the family members weave in and out of the multi-voice, coming-of-age story about loss, guilt, the fierce beauty of nature, and the ambiguity of good and evil.


About the author: 

Marjorie Robertson is a writer, teacher and multilinguist. Her first novel, Bitters in the Honey, was a semifinalist in the 2014 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Writing Competition. She is working on a novel based on her short story, “The Gleaners,” which was published by The Santa Fe Writers Project. She has also completed a collection of ekphrastic short stories. 

Originally from Milwaukee, she began studying languages as a girl in the late 70s and worked and saved money to travel abroad. She teaches at UC Irvine and loves working with students from across the world. 


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