Mettle and Honor: Wisconsin Stories from the Battlefield, by Mark Concannon

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Traditional history books provide richly detailed chronicles of America’s most important battles but pale in comparison to eyewitness accounts from those who were there; at Normandy, Iwo Jima, Inchon, Khe Sanh, Kabul, and Fallujah. In Mettle & Honor, Wisconsin veterans, interviewed by Emmy Award-winning journalist Mark Concannon, share their stories from the battlefield, capturing the myriad emotions of war–a clear sense of duty, the fear of young soldiers in combat, the humor resulting from the occasional absurdities of military life, and the unique sense of pride that one can only realize from serving our country.

About the author: Mark Concannon is a four-time Emmy-Award-winning story teller. He is President of Whitefish Bay-based Concannon Communications.


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