Van Gogh Dreams: Poems Inspired by the Art and Life of Vincent van Gogh, edited by Lisa Vihos

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Van Gogh Dreams is an anthology of poems by thirty-one poets that illuminate the life and art of Vincent van Gogh. Edited by Lisa Vihos in homage to her father, the collection presents an exploration of the power of art to inspire new creation. The foreword by art historian and Van Gogh scholar, Judy Sund, adds a contextual layer to this rich array of mainly, but not entirely, ekphrastic poetry. As Van Gogh himself once said, “poetry surrounds us everywhere.” Reading this book will certainly remind you of that truth.

Join us for our event with Lisa Vihos, editor of this anthology, on Sunday, March 30, 4 pm. Joining Vihos will be Mary Jo Balistreri, Sylvia Cavanaugh, Kathryn Gahl, Frederick Kreutz, CJ Muchala, Mara Ptacek, Paula Schulz, David Southward, and Sister Irene Zimmerman


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