Up And Down --- A Kid's Guide To Vigo, Spain (Large Print / Paperback)

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Beautiful Vigo, Spain is known for being one of the biggest fishing ports in the world. Situated in Galicia, the northwest of Spain, Vigo has its own interesting history and culture; and it has its own official language, which is "Galician". Vigo is full of historic buildings, and the old intermixes with the new. The statues in the roundabouts are as interesting as what you will find in the hills in a place that our guide called Castro, where you can see more of the old and learn more of Vigo's history (A castro was a fortified, usually pre-Roman settlement. And some castros date from the late Bronze and Iron Age, and offer the oldest research associated with the Celtic culture )

Written by Penelope Dyan, award winning author, attorney and former teacher, with photographs by John D. Weigand, kids can take a journey through beautiful Vigo, Spain, as they practice reading skills and as they build their reading word vocabularies using this fun, 'learn to read' book filled with word recognition, word repetition and rhyme When kids are finished reading, they can go to the Bellissimavideo YouTube channel and watch the free, fun music video that goes with this book

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ISBN: 9781614774433
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Publisher: Bellissima Publishing
Publication Date: January 23rd, 2020
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