Reform the Kakistocracy: Rule by the Least Able or Least Principled Citizens (Paperback)

Reform the Kakistocracy: Rule by the Least Able or Least Principled Citizens By William L. Kovacs Cover Image
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Kakistocracy, a term that describes what our government has become, a government controlled by "leaders" who are the least able or least principled citizens. These leaders are labeled "kakistocrats."

In Reform the Kakistocracy, Kovacs describes how the kakistocracy transformed our federal government from one of limited powers to one of immense power without any constitutional changes. This decades-long transformation revised the functions and powers of Congress, the executive, and the courts. These revisions change how each branch of government fulfills its institutional role as a check on the powers of the other branches. They also fundamentally affect the relationship of citizens to their government.

The result of the transformation is decades of policy failures, harmful wealth inequality, a health care system costing two times more than in other industrialized nations, and the imposition of such massive amounts of debt that citizens will eventually live in involuntary servitude to the federal government.

As part of the discussion, Kovacs takes on the real - world conflict faced by the kakistocrats - who should be the beneficiary of their loyalty? Of course, it is the Constitution but what does that mean when applied to day-to-day decisions? Kakistocrats deal with laws and regulations, sometimes very vague, deal-making, favors, supporters, opponents, citizens, political parties, interest groups, contributors and other branches of government. How does a kakistocrat balance all these competing factors to be faithful to the Constitution?

Unlike many books on government reform, Reform the Kakistocracy does not let the reader dangle with fuzzy answers. It presents a clear, thought-provoking, roadmap of governance principles and proposals for restructuring the kakistocracy to achieve a sustainable government that can be managed by citizens. Some may call the roadmap controversial, aggressive, naive or completely unworkable in this political climate, but the roadmap puts serious, creative, ideas into the marketplace for discussion.

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