Gardening Journal For Kids (Paperback)

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My Garden Planner

8 X 10 Inches

122 Pages

How to Use this Garden Planner Notebook:

The purpose of this Garden Journal is to keep all your various gardening activities and ideas organized in one easy to find spot. Here are some simple guidelines to follow so you can make the most of using this book:

The first "Monthly Harvest Calendar" section is for you to write out each month what is planted so that you can track your harvesting adventures......

Most ideas are inspired by something we have seen. Use the "Gardening Projects" section to write down yearly goals, new projects, techniques that you used so you can go back there to be reminded later.

The "Produce Budget" section is for you to write the name of the fruit or vegetable you are planting, quantity, price, monthly and yearly money spent....

Some ideas require listing them out, the "Planting Log" section is great for describing where your favorite plant, starter plant indoors, transplant, spacing and harvest date...

Flip the page over and this is where your gardening hobby information begins.....

The "Garden Wish List" section is so you can list out your favorite fruits and vegetables that you'd like to grow and be inspired to add to your garden wish list collection....

The Garden Budget Planner" section is for you to record which fruit, vegetable, fertilizer or flowers and the amount spent so you can go back to be reminded later.....

Keep your "Seedlings"section as the place you record your crops, variety, start, transplant and which bed/row with space for the season and year...

Use this "Weekly To Do" section as the place to lay out which task, day of the week, and a space for notes to write down anything else you might think of.....

Pest Control - Record what bed, row, crop, family, pest, disease and treatment.

Sow - write down the crop, variety, sow and transplant, bed and row.

Seed Inventory - Notespace to write down your crop and variety, seed company and purchase date.

Garden Organizer - Keep Track your garden bed and which row, season you planted and the date you will harvest your crops.

Succession Sowing - Extra note space for favorite crops, sow date, what season did you plant, which bed/row is it, and a space for notes..

Harvest Tracker - Write out fruit/veggie, weight, variety and notes on your seasonal harvest....things to watch for, which fruit or veggie you prefer to plant.

And finally pages with a "Crop Rotation" section for you to make entries about your harvesting days spent enjoying working in the fields, and which crop you would like to plant for next year...and much more

Whether you're a first time gardener or have been at it for a while, you will want to write down all your gardening activities in this notebook to look back on and remember all your gardening adventures.

This Gardening Planner Log Book can also be a great gift for any gardener in your life The Size is 8 X 10 inches, 122 pages, soft matte finish cover.

Have fun

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ISBN: 9781649300126
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