Loch Ness Uncovered: Media, Misinformation, and the Greatest Monster Hoax of All Time (Hardcover)

Loch Ness Uncovered: Media, Misinformation, and the Greatest Monster Hoax of All Time By Rebecca Siegel Cover Image
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An extensively researched, myth-busting account of the world’s most famous monster hoax—the Loch Ness Monster—and a cautionary tale on the dangers of misinformation.

In 1934, a man was walking by a lake in the Scottish Highlands when he saw a long-necked creature swimming in the water. He grabbed his camera and snapped a photo. When the photo landed on the front page of the Daily Mail, it shattered the belief that paranormal creatures were pure fiction. But amid the monster-hunting craze, complex conspiracies soon emerged. The Loch Ness Monster became more than a mysterious sea creature—it became a phenomenon that caused people to question their assumptions and dig for the truth.  

Meticulously researched through primary sources and in-depth interviews with key figures, Loch Ness Uncovered is the fascinating true story of the conspiracy that sparked intrigue worldwide. Complete with archival images, an engaging narrative, and a guide to media literacy, here is a nonfiction book that will transport young readers to the thrilling world of monster mania.

About the Author

Rebecca Siegel is the author of several nonfiction books, including To Fly Among the Stars and Mayflower, which was named a 2021 EUREKA! Nonfiction Children’s Honor Book. In 2022, she traveled to Scotland to conduct research for Loch Ness Uncovered. She currently lives and works in Chicago, IL.

Praise For…

"Offering a world-class case study in 'fake news,' Siegel analyzes in depth how the legend of a creature hiding in the murky waters of Loch Ness got started....She draws on an array of published resources, including dozens of sensationalistic newspaper stories, to tell her tale, threading in savvy references to the legend’s value for local tourism, the popularity and suggestiveness of monster movies, the discoveries of actual creatures like the colossal squid, the influence of 'confirmation bias' on supposed eyewitnesses, and the media’s preference for highlighting mystery and speculation over facts...It’s hard to imagine a timelier theme." —Booklist

"Utilizing a myth-busting framework, Siegel (Mayflower) depicts how 'the Loch Ness Monster has transformed into an icon of hope, mystery, and possibility' in this illuminating examination of the 'unchecked media... elevated by a disgruntled actor’s hoax' that birthed the tale of this legendary cryptid. Additional information provided via extensive source notes and interviews with key figures provide an engaging foundation upon which Siegel sets this amusing examination of mythical lore and fact that expands on media’s history of misinformation and its consequences. Concludes with tips for how to identify misinformation."—Publishers Weekly

"As Siegel pulls at each string of the mythology surrounding the Loch Ness Monster, she provides clear analysis of why this myth became a world fascination and still draws countless spectators to the ­region...Tweens will enjoy the fresh approach to the Loch Ness Monster phenomenon; instructors seeking engaging, unconventional books on the topic of fake news will find this an excellent fit." —School Library Journal

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