This Land of Snow: A Journey Across the North in Winter (Paperback)

This Land of Snow: A Journey Across the North in Winter By Anders Morley Cover Image
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2021 National Outdoor Book Award Winner in Journeys

A passionate skier since he was a child, Anders Morley dreamed of going on a significant adventure, something bold and of his own design. And so one year in his early thirties, he decided to strap on cross-country skis to travel across Canada in the winter alone.

This Land of Snow is about that journey and a man who must come to terms with what he has left behind, as well as how he wants to continue living after his trip is over. It is an honest, thoughtful, and humorous reckoning of an adventure filled with adrenalin and exuberance, as well as mistakes and danger. Along the way readers gain insight, both charming and fascinating, into Northern outdoor culture and modern-day wilderness living, the history of northern exploration and Nordic skiing, the right to roam movement, winter ecology, and more.

Throughout, Morley's clear, subtle, and self-deprecating voice speaks to a backwoods-genteel aesthetic that explores the dichotomy between wildness and refinement, language and personal story, journey and home.

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ISBN: 9781680512724
ISBN-10: 1680512722
Publisher: Mountaineers Books
Publication Date: August 12th, 2020
Pages: 256
Language: English