Losing Ares (Paperback)

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First Sgt. Carlos Gonsalves has pledged his allegiance to the rogue Mars colony and to his best friend, the former rebel aristocrat, Jack Windsor. Going all in for the colony means he's been declared AWOL and cannot return to Earth, but it was worth it, especially now that he's found the love of his life: Safia Asfour.

With the off-world colony on the brink of civil war, the rebels recruit a savior to tip the balance. Unfortunately, he's a predator from Safia's past who threatens to destroy her relationship with Carlos -and she'll let him if it will save the lives of her friends aboard the starship HMS Ares. Meanwhile, best friend Harlow Hanson has an idea that will help Safia get her power back: Safia will deal out the vigilante justice Harlow once did before marrying Jack. Though Safia becomes a force to be reckoned with, no force in the galaxy can stop the predator determined to claim her as his own.

Losing Ares shows just how far the colonists will go to protect the ones they call family. Carlos is about to prove it, even if he must punch a hole through two planets to save the one he loves.

"Please see website for content warning. Go to Kimconrey.com under "Kim's Books" tab and click "CWS" under Losing Ares."

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ISBN: 9781685132934
ISBN-10: 1685132936
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Publication Date: October 12th, 2023
Pages: 322
Language: English