Phoenix (Paperback)

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Cynthia Highcloud is a Texas-based investigative reporter who's struggling to come to terms with her new reality. A month after her interview with the five women charging Pastor Abraham McCormick with rape, her car is run off the road, leaving her face so badly disfigured that she's forced to undergo several excruciating reconstructive surgeries. Two years after the incident, Cynthia finds herself embracing her altered appearance and taking on a new identity-Phoenix DeAngelo. Armed with the strength of her rebirth, Phoenix is determined to prove that Pastor McCormick attempted to kill her in spite of there being no evidence. When she discovers that he's left Texas to launch a ministry in North Carolina, she immediately follows him there and secures a job in his church's finance department under the guise of her modified look. Phoenix's bold move proves to be challenging as she finds herself surrounded by false promises, painful deceptions, and hidden agendas. Still, the untrusting skeptic, will she ever let her guard down far enough to recognize the true Shepherd of the Lord? Or will Phoenix forever believe that ministers are mere predators to their unsuspecting congregations?

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ISBN: 9781699521250
ISBN-10: 1699521255
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 14th, 2019
Pages: 260
Language: English