Everyday Asian Cookbook 2021: Egg Roll, Spring Roll and Dumpling Recipes (Hardcover)

Everyday Asian Cookbook 2021: Egg Roll, Spring Roll and Dumpling Recipes Cover Image
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Asian cooking is all about the flavor. The spices and condiments used in Asian cooking are aromatic and taste delightful. By aromatic, I mean an incredible, appetizing smell that floods your senses.

Asian cooking is completely based on fresh ingredients. It avoids canned foods and thus, the food rates very high on health scales. People in most parts of Asia prefer to put organic ingredients in their food, be it vegetables or meat.

When cooking Asian food, a pantry full of the essentials ingredients will help you achieve the right taste. Other than spices, there are a lot of other "must-haves," like flour, coconut, and vegetables. In the Asian category, you'll find several options, may it be vegetarian or not.

Be it meat, sea food, or bread, Asia does things quite differently. In this book, you will learn and taste the awesomeness of Asian cooking. There are hundreds of recipes that go back thousands of years and have been equally loved by all generations.

Cooking in Asia is an important part of the daily routine. Men and women spend a lot of time in their kitchens, giving the routine cooking a personal touch. Asian food is varied. You will find many different types of food on the menu.

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ISBN: 9781802832792
ISBN-10: 1802832793
Publisher: Mark Book House
Publication Date: May 25th, 2021
Pages: 140
Language: English