The Life of Voltaire (Hardcover)

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The Life of Voltaire delves into the profound influence of Voltaire's ideas on the betterment of humanity during the eighteenth century. In an era when France was dominated by the authority of the Catholic Church, which stifled science, literature, and freedom, Voltaire stood as a singular force. This book explores how he fearlessly confronted the Church's intolerance, cruelty, and suppression of basic rights.

Drawing from a diverse range of French and English sources on Voltaire, and enriched by extensive research, the book not only presents a compelling biography but also offers glimpses into the lives of key eighteenth-century figures who crossed paths with Voltaire.

While accessible to general readers, this book provides in-depth insights into Voltaire's philosophical, religious, and literary contributions, examining his most significant works. Notably, it sheds light on his transformation from a literary giant into a staunch advocate for victims of injustice and a vocal opponent of the Catholic Church's dogmatism in the later years of his life.

The book is a captivating journey through history, showcasing the enduring relevance of Voltaire's ideas and his pivotal role in shaping modern concepts of human rights and intellectual freedom.

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