Electromagnetic Theory: for Complete Idiots (Hardcover)

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Since the time Maxwell first presented a unified theory of Electricity and Magnetism, the field of Electromagnetism has seen numerous advancements. But the fundamentals have remained more or less the same throughout this period. As our search for more advanced communication technology intensifies, the relevance of this field of engineering is only growing day by day. So it is very important for a student of Electrical or Communications engineering or a physics enthusiast to be familiar with the fundamentals of this subject.

We would be lying if we claimed this book is for total beginners with no math background, It's not. This subject is a head scratcher. It is not one of those subjects you can casually learn without sufficient mathematical prerequisites. We doubt if any book can deal with this subject without the help of math. In this book we provide a concise introduction into basics of Electromagnetic theory, with more emphasis on the phenomenon themselves and less on the derivations and other mathematical aspects. However, various essential math concepts like vector analysis and vector calculus have been included with sufficient detail. The derivations of many important theorems in this subject has also been included.

A basic knowledge of Calculus and some Physics are the only prerequisites required to follow the topics discussed in the book. We've tried to explain the various fundamental concepts of Electromagnetic theory in the simplest and the most intuitive manner without an over reliance on math. Also, we have tried to connect the various topics with real life situations wherever possible. This way even first timers can learn the basics of Electromagnetic theory with minimum effort. Hopefully the students will enjoy this different approach to this tough subject. The various concepts of the subject are arranged logically and explained in a simple reader-friendly language with illustrative figures.

This book is not meant to be a replacement for those standard Electromagnetic theory textbooks, rather this book should be viewed as an introductory text for beginners to come in grips with advanced level topics covered in those books. This book will hopefully serve as inspiration to learn Electromagnetic theory in greater depths and give a greater appreciation for this phenomenon.

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Publisher: Jasper Knight
Publication Date: April 6th, 2023
Pages: 196
Language: English