C#: Complete Guide for Beginners to Learn and Mastering C# (Paperback)

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  • Do You Want To Learn To Program?

With this book, you will learn to program from scratch, you will know the basics of programming that will help you learn any language.

You will learn the C# language (C Sharp), a multiplatform language that has a wide variety of uses.

Once you have learned the basics with this course, you will be able to learn any other language, such as Java, Visual Basic, or PHP.

You can also decide if you prefer to make video games, programs, or web pages.

With this language, you can do any of the 3 things.

  • Which Are The Requirements?

It is not necessary to have any knowledge of programming.

You will learn everything step-by-step.

  • What Will You Learn In This Book?

  1. The basics of programming, which allows you to later learn any language that you propose.
  2. The basis for learning object-oriented programming. And then you can go to:
  3. Create desktop applications (with Visual Studio).
  4. Create mobile apps, whether Windows, iOS, and Android.
  5. To program video games and use C # as its programming language.
  6. ..and much more

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781914154188
ISBN-10: 1914154185
Publisher: Alex Suzzi International Group Ltd
Publication Date: November 6th, 2020
Pages: 170
Language: English