The Cell of Life: Awakening and Regenerating (Paperback)

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"Every 29.5 days a seed is born in, or out of the solar plexus - the oil unites with the mineral salts and thus produces the monthly seed which goes into the vagus... There is an automatic procedure within the human body, which, if not interfered with will do away with all sickness, trouble, sorrow, and death, as stated in the Bible."

GOD MAN: The Word Made Flesh by G W Carey

The Cell of Life is a full analysis and disclosure of what mystics have termed the "3-Fold Enlightenment" and the "Great Regeneration" (currently known as the preservation of theSacred Secretion). The book includes historical and modern perspectives so that the parallels can easily be appreciated.

For the first time in centuries, the actual scientific parallel of the divine "seed" born in the body every lunar month is revealed. This "seed" is what the masters designated our human opportunity for TOTAL awakening and regeneration. The great regeneration is 3-fold because the benefits are felt physically, mentally, and energetically.

This book expands upon some of the points raised in The God Design, with a specific focus on the "seed" born in "Bethlehem." Which is potentially the most important esoteric key to decipher.

Books and platforms created by the author Kelly-Marie Kerr


Christ Within, Heaven on Earth - A concise description of the journey of the glorious sacred secretion (transcript of True anointing YouTube video).

The God Design, Secrets of the Body, Mind and Soul - A thorough study and explanation of both the spiritual and physical elements that form the phenomena known as the sacred secretion. Including the full details of the biochemicals of enlightenment.

Elevation, The Divine Power of the Human Body - The Bible book of Revelation explains the true science of enlightenment: body, mind, and soul in a dramatic, fantastical, and epic parable only 22 chapters. Elevation debunks the symbols and myths providing truth and clarity to its reader.

Regeneration Calendar, Keep Track of your Regeneration Seasons - A full year calendar providing the sidereal and tropical dates for the moon entering each star sign (zodiac), plus guidelines and meditation techniques to help you on your journey.


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