It Wasn't Enough (Paperback)

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What if one day, all of the women suddenly disappeared, leaving the men to take their places, fill their roles, do what they did. What would happen? How would the men react?

Here and now, women's subordination is so systemic it's unremarkable (to all but serious feminists). In It Wasn't Enough, once women are gone and men have to take their places, fill their roles, the subordination becomes remarkable-that is, it becomes noticeable. And then- What would happen? Would men finally see that their world is based, unjustifiably so, on a hierarchy of sex and, as a result, change it? Or would they just create a new, arbitrary, subordinate class to maintain their positions of power?

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ISBN: 9781926891712
ISBN-10: 1926891716
Publisher: Magenta
Publication Date: March 16th, 2020
Pages: 200
Language: English