The Slow and Painful Awakening of Herr Wilhelm Neimann: A Morality Story, by Kenneth Kapp

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Wilhelm Neimann returned from the eastern front in 1944 shattered on many levels. He was a hero but the medals could not make up for the life he had planned as a teenager, the university position he had hoped for was now beyond his reach. He teaches history in a gymnasium in Schweinfort, a small village in southwestern Germany. As he becomes part of this small community—one where Jews always found refuge and rescue, he must find his own final solution. He and the villagers are challenged by a small group of students, the Jugendknote. One of them is convinced that the ashes from crematoria have entered into the food chain making all Germans Jewish—from the inside out. Two others are determined to find the SS officer that killed their uncle during the war. Schweinfort has its own story going back centuries.


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