The Fourth Whore (Paperback)

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Recipient of the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel

Kenzi Brooks watched The Scribble Man collect her brother's soul after a hit and run when she was seven. He gave her a present that day-a lucky rabbit's foot. Sixteen years later, she no longer believes in The Scribble Man, she believes in survival and does what she has to in the slums of Detroit. When thugs kill her mother and beat Kenzi to near death, she accidentally releases Lilith from her prison within the time-worn keychain.

And Hell hath no fury...

Lilith is out for revenge. Revenge against God, Sariel (Angel of Death and Kenzi's Scribble Man), and all of mankind for relegating her to nothing more than a demoness for refusing to submit to her husband. She's put together an apocalyptic plan to destroy everyone who has forsaken her. Forget the Four Horsemen, Lilith is assembling the Four Whores.

Will Kenzi rise against her to save the world and The Scribble Man or will she become The Fourth Whore?

"...a soul-sucking mind-bender of a debut. A cutting and explosive feminist text of revenge and redemption, with blood spilled on every page."

-Lee Murray, two-time Bram Stoker nominee, author Into the Mist

"Betrayal is a bitter pill to swallow, but when you're the mother of all witches you might want to exact some revenge while mending your broken heart. Lilith is back with a vengeance and she's assembling the girl gang to end all girl gangs-literally-to kick-start the Apocalypse."

-Michelle Renee Lane, author Invisible Chains

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ISBN: 9781947879164
ISBN-10: 1947879162
Publisher: Raw Dog Screaming Press
Publication Date: March 25th, 2020
Pages: 226
Language: English