The Dream Angels Plays the Cello, by Stephen Anderson

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Stephen Anderson has traveled widely, taking notes, gathering landscapes and images, and his poetry reflects his travels to Europe and the Caribbean, his time spent in residence abroad as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Chile, and a university lecturer in London. Lyrical and often ekphrastic, in his poems you will find Isadora Duncan, Winslow Homer, Wim Venders, Mozart and Lorca, all challenging the current political myopia, offering cultural critique, and turning back to reminiscence on time passing.

Anderson’s poems mingle the qualities of the mystical, philosophical and political. Mostly observations, the poet casts his keen eye on the complexities of the modern world while considering what it is that makes us human. Dream-like and ethereal, Anderson creates a world constructed of the concrete and the transcendent.

Stephen Anderson is a Milwaukee poet and author of Montezuma Resurrected And Other PoemsNavigating in the Sun, and In The Garden Of Angels And Demons. His work has appeared in Southwest ReviewTipton Poetry Journal, and Verse Wisconsin. Listen to Anderson's interview with Mitch Teich on Lake Effect.


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