Late Love, by Paula Goldman

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From John Koethe: "Paula Goldman's poised and mesmerizing Late Love is intensely verbal; its texture is woven from both short and long lines and sentences. It's also intensely personal and cultural, fusing the incidents and trials of daily and domestic life with the palpable presence of literature and art into a seamless whole, alternating between two poles: 'To see the light, one has to see the dark.'"

Paula Goldman’s book, The Great Canopy, won the Gival Press Poetry award and received an honorable mention for the Independent Booksellers’ Award. Her work has appeared in Prairie Schooner, Cream City Review, The North American Review. Her poems have appeared in Boomer GirlsThe Party Train, and most recently, Conversation Pieces. A former reporter for The Milwaukee Journal, she served as a docent and lecturer at the Milwaukee Art Museum for 25 years. She lives in Milwaukee with her husband, Allan. 


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