Spanish Verbs Made Easy Workbook: Learn Verbs and Conjugations The Easy Way (Paperback)

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So, you want to master the verbs and conjugations of the Spanish language?

Learning a new language involves dedication and hard work, and a language such as Spanish is no different. Spoken by over 500 million people across the world and used as an official language in four continents, this tongue will allow you to broaden your circles and expand your opportunities in life.

However, one of the key elements that you must learn in any language is the structure of sentences - especially verbs. For this reason, we have created the Spanish Verbs Made Easy Workbook, which will not only teach you how to dominate the verbs and conjugations in Spanish but also put you to the test in terms of knowledge

How Spanish Verbs Made Easy Workbook works:

- With fourteen different chapters, full to the brim with lessons on verbs, conjugations and examples, you will learn more than any classroom has taught you until now

- Includes high-resolution images for better understanding

- A great variety of exercises awaits - create sentences, fill in blanks, write your own examples and correct mistakes in this challenging workbook.

- Accessible lessons that constantly offer reminders and notes for you to follow will make your learning experience a breeze.

- Having trouble with one or two of the exercises? No worries, we have added an in-depth answer key at the very end of the workbook to help you solve any problems

Embark on this learning adventure now and get into the world of Spanish through verbs and conjugations.

It's time to learn. Pick up your Spanish Verbs Made Easy Workbook now

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ISBN: 9781951949273
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Publisher: Lingo Mastery
Publication Date: July 8th, 2021
Pages: 234
Language: English