Twice-Exceptional Boys: A Roadmap to Getting It Right (Paperback)

Twice-Exceptional Boys: A Roadmap to Getting It Right By Deborah Gennarelli M. Ed Cover Image
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Twice-Exceptional Boys: A Roadmap to Getting It Right takes readers on an invaluable journey to learn about the challenges faced by this group of talented, but perplexing students. If not planned for and properly supported, twice-exceptional (2e) boys frequently develop significant problems, including increased dropout rates.

Deborah Gennarelli's passion for teaching gifted children for over 30 years led her to take a hard look at why 2e boys face unique difficulties. Guided by current research of 2e boys and her hands on experience in the classroom, Deborah wrote Twice-Exceptional Boys for teachers who need to identify and plan for these students and for parents who seek to be strong advocates for their sons.

Twice-Exceptional Boys has three parts. Part one explains the focus on boys, and includes definitions and categories of 2e, information about nontraditional gifted students, and the planning process for a 2e child.

Societal myths and stereotypes about boys often keep gifted boys from expressing their true selves. While coping with the stresses of both giftedness and learning differences, they also are expected to conform to norms about "how boys should be."

Boys from minority and low-SES backgrounds are often underrepresented in gifted education and overrepresented in special education.

Current research tells us that boys begin to experience problems early in their school careers. Boys act out, underachieve, and engage in risky behaviors because they are frustrated that their learning is stunted.

Next, the reader meets four 2e boys, all long-time students of the author. Their rough educational road trips are compared to a family vacation made arduous by a lack of planning. The 2e boys detailed in this section entered school excited and happy, but soon found that their classrooms did not meet their needs. Teachers and parents will likely recognize their own 2e student, and can begin mapping an appropriate educational route, resulting in a less turbulent and more rewarding trek for all.

Part three includes implementable strategies for parents and teachers. Understanding emotional intensity, hands on learning, expressions of curiosity, coping skills, and the roles of these dynamics in 2e boys' lives will help adults plan the best route to take while supporting each student.

Twice Exceptional Boys: A Roadmap to Getting It Right emphasizes how we must get to know and plan for the whole child, focusing on areas of strength, not just weakness.

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