Carnival: How We Use Animals to Celebrate Ourselves (Hardcover)

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An immersive entry into animal festivals nationwide explores how we invoke symbolism to tell stories about animals and what stories we tell about ourselves in the process.

What makes a human different than an animal? Humans triangulate who we are--and what makes us special--through our relationship with animals. Throughout history, and today at hundreds of animal festivals around the world every year, humans have put members of the animal kingdom on display to gawk at, demonize, or adore. But why? What value do these carnivals and their rituals hold, and why when the animals are in distress do we insist so intently that the show still must go on?

In Carnival: How We Use Animals to Celebrate Ourselves, esteemed animal welfare lawyer Elizabeth MeLampy attends eight quintessential animal festivals and meets the groundhogs, butterflies, rattlesnakes, lobsters, sled dogs, and other creatures we use to build community, cause fear, and transmit meaning. She shows how profoundly symbolism affects the way we interact with animals and explores what that says about us. In the process she raises the profound questions of why our human impulse is to dominate, and if in today's enlightened age we might finally find the compassion to craft a new path, one that frees animals from suffering for the sake of telling our stories.

A deft blend of reportage and personal narrative, Carnival is the first book to truly examine animal festivals, and is certain to be appreciated by fans of Yuval Noah Harari's Sapiens or James Herriot's All Creatures Great and Small. At once a raucous, immersive entry into the sights, smells, tastes, and noise of animals festivals around the country, it is also a much-needed call for a kinder future.

About the Author

Elizabeth MeLampy is a lawyer whose work focuses on animal rights and protection. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, she was named an Emerging Scholar Fellow by the Brooks Institute for Animal Rights Law and Policy in 2020 and received an award for her work with Harvard Law's Animal Law & Policy Program in 2021. She has interned with organizations like the PETA Foundation, Animal Outlook, and the Conservation Law Foundation, and clerked for judges in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and the Federal District Court in Arizona. She currently works as an attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council and lives in Washington, DC.

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ISBN: 9781954641433
ISBN-10: 1954641435
Publisher: Apollo Publishers
Publication Date: April 8th, 2025
Pages: 264
Language: English