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"Fraudulists and fabulists, scammers, lost gems, beer, an inflatable sex doll, cheap guns, a bull alligator and nitrogen narcosis contribute to this simple tale set in the briny aftermath of life in the Florida Keys and the froamy backwaters of Bone Island...."

-Everett Shroud, author of The Snorkel Diaries

"Reef Perkins jerks Key West's zipper down in this almost true tale of foolishness, greed and tropical intrigue then side slips and delivers a full-pull literary wedgie that lifts the startled reader to a state of mild confusion. He's a horse with no reins."

-Pipkin Alvarez, The Pipkin Zipper and Fly Co.

"Only a few men have danced with deep air and survived. Perkins isn't one of them."

-L. Bugle, Navy diver, author of Follow Your Bubbles for a Longer Life.

Reef Perkins is a living author and has resided in Key West since 1970.After twenty five vears in the marine salvage business, Perkins learned to accept the vagaries of nature and the humorous frailties of his fellow man. A curious attitude and a healthy thirst combine to form a man comfortable both in and out of reality. Reef now lives on dry land with his wife and commands a small hot tub where he can still get wet and practice his trade. He is the author of the best-selling memoir, Sex, Salvage and Secrets and the picaresque novel, Screwed Blu'd and Tattoed.

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