Girl Like a Bomb (Paperback)

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When Beverly Sykes finally has sex, she learns that she has a special power that turns her lovers into who they've always wanted to be.Beverly is desperate to lose her virginity. When she ends up falling for the bad boy in her high school math class, they are both rocked with an experience more powerful than any orgasm. All of her lovers experience a total existential transformation. They become their best selves, or in certain cases, their worst. Beverly becomes the town slut, a stripper, a sexual healer, and a messiah figure.
In Girl Like a Bomb, with great power comes more than just responsibility. She goes on one hell of a horny heroine's journey as she gives herself to others over and over to try to save them, but at what price? Beverly finds herself at the center of a twisted, labyrinthine quest where the only way out is through.
Including a new epilogue, Autumn Christian presents a dark femme reclamation of the superhero genre.

About the Author

Autumn Christian is a fiction writer from Texas. She is the author of The Crooked God Machine, We Are Wormwood, and Ecstatic Inferno, and has written for several video-games, including Battle Nations and State of Decay 2.

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ISBN: 9781955904919
ISBN-10: 195590491X
Publisher: Clash Books
Publication Date: January 30th, 2024
Pages: 298
Language: English