Divisible Man - Ten Keys West (Hardcover)

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So close. A fraction of a second. A hair's breadth. A terrifying brush with death on duty lands Andy in the grip of an indelible nightmare. Old lies refuse to die. The top echelon of the FBI warns Will and Andy of extremist threats. Left to her own devices, Andy launches a crusade to save a child that collides with a scheme to raise a fortune and reveals that no life has value when billions are at stake. As events tumble out of control, Will and Andy call for help from an old friend, and place their trust in a highly unlikely ally to avoid revealing Will's secret to the world.

Will and Andy break laws, dodge assassins' bullets, and embark on a wild and risky plan to free Andy from a nightmare and preserve Will's secret in DIVISIBLE MAN - TEN KEYS WEST.

The DIVISIBLE MAN Series in Order:

DIVISIBILE MAN is the origin story of Will Stewart and his ability to vanish.

DIVISIBLE MAN - THE SIXTH PAWN is the second heart-pounding thrill ride in the series.

DIVISIBLE MAN - THE SECOND GHOST goes to heart-stopping heights in high-rise Chicago.

DIVISIBLE MAN - THE SEVENTH STAR encounters the high cost of conspiracy believers.

DIVISIBLE MAN - TEN MAN CREW uncovers a long-forgotten Cold War mystery.

DIVISIBLE MAN - THE THIRD LIE puts Will and Andy at the heart of a national crime.

DIVISIBLE MAN - THREE NINES FINE launches a race against an attack on justice itself.

DIVISIBLE MAN - EIGHT BALL pits Will and Andy against a cold-blooded serial sniper.

DIVISIBLE MAN - ENGINE OUT & OTHER SHORT FLIGHTS - a short story collection.

DIVISIBLE MAN - NINE LIVES LOST a sweeps Will into the world of hoaxes and conspiracies.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781958005781
ISBN-10: 1958005789
Publisher: Trans World Data LLC
Publication Date: May 1st, 2023
Pages: 448
Language: English