Power Over Snakes: How To Live According To Divine Law (Paperback)

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This book is all about wisdom and healing. Wisdom about Divine Spiritual, Eternal Laws that govern us every day about energy, frequency, and vibration. This book will help you heal yourself, expand your consciousness and aid you to solve everyday problems you and/or many others are facing today. Natural Law is the origin and concept of the science of Justice. It is a philosophy that is necessary unchangeable and immutable based on nature and the way God created us as human beings. If we want to know our purpose in life and be successful we must learn the Divine Laws and how the universe works. Answer the following questions: What is our destiny? Who am I? Why am I here? *Brain, 'Heal Thyself': New Insight Into Schizophrenia. *Discover the mineral and best natural solution for healing mental illness, from fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, alcoholism, depression, PTSD and many more. *Remove the barriers to healing *Your body strives to heal itself automatically *Unleash the healing potential you already possess *Learn to reinterpret your body's messages in alignment with the true principles of health *The Ultimate Guide to healing the Mind, Body and Soul.

About the Author

I am called Divine Lady Justice because Justice is another name for Truth. Truth is something that stands the test of time and anything less than truth eventually diminishes or disappears. Justice and Truth are eternal and unchangeable. Lady Justice is a moral influence in the Judicial System. She is often depicted blindfold (representing impartiality, Justice applied without regard to power, wealth, or another status) pairing with Prudentia, a female who personifies virtue with features of a mirror and snake as a pair with Justitia, The (Roman) Goddess of Justice. This is who I am, this is my purpose and divine assignment in this lifetime and that is why I am spiritually led to write Power Over Snakes.

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