Training Your Own Service Dog: Step By Step Guide To An Obedient Service Dog (Paperback)

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Hi, I'm Max Matthews, and training dogs, specifically Service Dogs. is my life and passion. I have been experienced in training Service Dogs for over 30 years, and I put all of my knowledge and experience into this book. This book represents the lifetime of knowledge that I have acquired from training service dogs. I am retiring from my career as a Service Dog Trainer, to focus on creating books and other digital content to help consolidate my lifetime of Service Dog knowledge and insights into formats that can reach more people.

I am going to be creating a Service Dog training video course and additional online internet courses. In the meantime, please enjoy my Kindle version, and paper book version as well. I hope you enjoy

Often times, the people that need help the most are unable to afford the training
needed to go into a Service Dog. Sadly, there are many factors that a lot of people may be
unaware of when attempting to train their own. This book is here to guide you down this
journey. The benefits of training your own dog are priceless if you sufficiently follow the
rules and steps outlined in this book.

By following the guidance in this book, you are accepting an unbreakable bond you will create between you and your service dog - a bond that will mitigate your disability and award you with daily independence.

Inside this book, you will learn everything you need to know about the laws that
allow you to own and utilize your service dog. You will be well versed in how to properly
assess and select a Service Dog, what type of Service Dog is best for you, and the ins and
outs of why the selection process is so strict. You will also learn how to capture and keep
your dog's attention even under high distraction and build that unbreakable bond. And
most importantly, this book will help you build your dog's obedience - the very
foundation that will make your dog the best Service Dog ever.

This book will not leave you hanging when it is time to bring your well-mannered
companion out to the town to apply everything you've learned and prepared for the
access test.

Finally, and arguably the most exciting part, teaching your dog the tasks that
will gain you that independence No matter your disability there is something for
everyone in here.

Read this book thoroughly, follow the step-by- step guides, and apply
the lessons properly, then you and your dog will excel together

Buy this book NOW and start your journey to a better life today

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