Trail to Treason (Paperback)

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In a world where love and duty collide, Florence finds herself wedded young to a stern man, her life a silent testament to obedience and sacrifice. Cast out into the cold from seeking solace in forbidden arms, she faces her exile with the weight of a shattered family – one son by her side, the other left behind in the grip of her unforgiving husband. With doors shut firmly by those she once called family and the church that promised sanctuary, Florence embarks on a humble journey as a nurse.

Just as hope begins to glimmer on the horizon, love blossoms anew with a wealthy widower. Yet fate deals a cruel hand, snatching her newfound happiness away. As the shadows of the First World War stretch across Europe, a desperate Florence is ensnared in a deadly game of espionage, coerced into spying for the Germans.

Bound by love, torn by duty, and haunted by the ghosts of choices past, Florence must navigate the treacherous waters of a world at war, where trust is a luxury and survival is a constant battle.

Will she emerge unscathed, or will the sacrifices demanded by her clandestine role shatter the fragile hope she's clung to? Dive into the heart of an era where war rages not just across battlefields but within the very souls of those caught in its grasp.

Based on a true story.

About the Author

Patricia Clough, a journalist with a degree in German and French from Bristol University, has had an extensive career, including training at the Bolton Evening News, and working for Reuters, the Times, and the Independent. Her postings took her from Geneva, Bonn, and Rome to covering significant events such as the collapse of Communism, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the "Tangentopoli" scandals. She transitioned to Warsaw in 1990 to report on Eastern Europe's move to democracy, which earned her the Anglo-German Foundation’s journalism prize. Clough, who also had stints at the Baltimore Sun, the Sunday Times, and the UN World Food Programme, has one daughter and resides in Italy. She is a well known author in Germany and Britain.

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ISBN: 9781998076987
ISBN-10: 1998076989
Publisher: Rising Action
Publication Date: November 12th, 2024
Pages: 340
Language: English