Between One Culture: Essays on Science and Art (Paperback)

Between One Culture: Essays on Science and Art By Robert Schiller Cover Image
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Is the sea wine-dark?.- Nessus' blood.- Shelley scientist.- Spectres were haunting Europe.- A puzzling tale on gold.- Alchemy: its end.- Alchemy: apologies.- H lderlin, Blake - Newton.- Overcoming the Daze.- Master shoemaker and Meistersinger - two great physicists.- Robert Frost and Millikan.- Chemistry: a high romance.- Time and two great men.- X rays and Love.- Thomas Mann at the sick-bed.- Oil of vitriol in the marital bed.- Thermodynamics of Happiness and Love.- Thermodynamics on Stage.- Chance and Rule (Boltzmann, W. Ostwald).- Chance and a Poem (Boltzmann, Rilke).- Dante standing head down (Dante, Eisntein, Perrin).- A novel in the phase space.- Statues and Chemistry.- A reader's diary about humanists' friendship.- Point by point.- Icons of a chemist.- Line.- A sentence between Plato and Planck.- The birth of chemistry from the spirit of doubt.- Why is Ortgea angry with scientists?.- Why to be reason-able?.- Cruel orgnic chemistry.- The Nobelists' Sabbath.- Four Stamps.- Apocryphal speech on Lavoisier.- Modest Proposal.- A private letter about this book.

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ISBN: 9783030205409
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Publication Date: September 19th, 2020
Pages: 228
Language: English