Multiferoic Oxide Based Nanocomposite Polymer Trolytes in Electrochemical Devices (Paperback)

Multiferoic Oxide Based Nanocomposite Polymer Trolytes in Electrochemical Devices By Chandra Prakash Singh Cover Image
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Multiferroic oxide-based nanocomposite polymer electrolytes are a type of material that can be used in electrochemical devices such as batteries and fuel cells. These materials combine the properties of ferroelectric and ferromagnetic oxides with those of polymer electrolytes to create a new class of advanced materials with unique properties.

The scientific and technological developments in the field of materials science and engineering

have taken multiple strides in the social growth of the mankind in the past century. It is

the result of these advancement that in the world of today, materials extensively

dominate several sector like structural engineering, transportation engineering,

aerospace engineering communication engineering, health and biomedical engineering.

In this growth Ionic materials in the last 5-6 decades have added a new dimension .These

materials have opened up, a thrust area of research in the field of materials science, termed as

Solid State Ionics.

The research in the field of Solid State Ionics encompasses investigation of physical and chemical

behaviour of the solids with the fast ion moment within the bulk as well as their

technological aspects. The ionic conductivity of these solid is exceptionally high

and comparable to that of liquid/aqueous electrolytes. Such materials, widely referred as

'Super Ionic Solids' or Solid Electrolyte or fast ion conductors show tremendous

scope to develop all solid state min/micro electrochemical devices viz. Batteries,

fuel cells, supercapacitors, electrochemical displays, sensors, photo electrochemical solar

cells etc..Within the frame work of super Ionic Solids, Polymer Electrolyte have added new

dimension to its growth. These polymer materials in the world of today have replaced the

bulky liquid electrolytes with its distinct properties and in the process the growth of Science

and Technology by leap and bounds.

Polymers have mainly been developed for their structure and insulating properties. The possibility

of inducing electronic or ionic conductivity as an intrinsic feature of macromolecular materials

has only recently been appreciated 7]. Due to their high molecular weight, they exhibit

macroscopic properties that have attributes of true solid. At the same time in the

atomic level local relaxation provides liquid like degree of freedom which is not

significantly different from those of the conventional liquid. In addition of this, since the

polymers are not brittle, they are able to form good interfacial with electrode materials.

These favourable properties allowed researchers to develop polymer electrolyte

materials for electrochemical


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