A Study of Organizational Commitment and Citizenship Behavior The Role of Psychological Capital and Wellbeing (Paperback)

A Study of Organizational Commitment and Citizenship Behavior The Role of Psychological Capital and Wellbeing By Malik Sangeeta Cover Image
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INTRODUCTION Educational system is invariably the backbone of a country ensuring its physical, cultural and psychological sound system and future. A visionary well-assimilative educational system leads to sound and strong future of a country depending mostly upon the well-laid out and internalized role of the teachers. A teacher plays multifareous roles simultaneously and every role entails specific responsibilities and expectations with it. To boot and explain, a teacher plays the role of an employee in an organization, a role model for the students, competent member of the organization that work for the progress of oneself as well as organisation, a role of an ideal teacher from whom every parent has expectations of providing quality education to their budding and growing children and most importantly plays the role of responsible citizen of the country who understands and imbibes the values and responsibilities of an ideal teacher. Every role has a lot of responsibilities and expectations that brings challenges with it for the person playing that role. The famous Sanskrit shloka for teachers "Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara" always reminds us to honor teachers as gods. In India, a teacher is considered as a potter who shapes minds and personality of students in a very delicate manner that defines their attitude and teaching. Having such an important place in society, teachers face some challenges and pressures of behaving in particular manner. They feel pressurized to behave in positive manner that affects their psychological well being. This emphasizes the importance of studying positive psychology in educational organizations. 1.1 Positive Psychology Movement Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi (2000) published a volume related to the area of ―Positive Psychology‖ in which it was expressed by psychologists that psychology was not contributing enough ―knowledge of what makes life worth living‖. Further, psychology explored about how to grow up people from adversities, depression, stress, violence and low self-esteem but did not focus upon the strengths, abilities, virtues and the conditions that bring meaning in their life. Gable and Haidt (2005) ―psychology was said to be learning how to bring people up from negative eight to zero but not as good at understanding how people,

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